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Henrietta was born May 4th, 2014. She is a sweet little boy that loves to be held. She was born in my spare room after I caught her mother from Bojanges in Wythe County, Virginia. Rescues and animal control had been trying to catch Biscuit for years to no avail. I got lucky. She got lucky. This time she got to have her babies in a safe environment away from the sewer drain and traffic.

Henrietta has been dewormed and will be vaccinated before adopting out. If you would like to adopt him, please fill out an adopton application. The faster these babies can go to their new homes as soon as they are weaned and vaccinated, the faster I can help another critter in need. Space is so valuable here! A spay/neuter agreement is required and will be followed up on. Failure to Spay or neuter will result in the critter being taken back by Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary.

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