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Biscuit is the brave mama cat to the little biscuits from Bojangles. She lived on the hard streets of the only busy intersection in Wytheville for years fending for herself and watching her babies die everytime she had them. She was thin, sad and determined to have babies of her own. Many nice people tried to catch her, trap her and net her. They tried and tried to win her over with food but nobody could catch her. I got lucky (and after watching a million episodes of Call of the Wildman) and was able to grab her and get her into a kitty carrier and tucked into her very own room at the farm. A few weeks later she had 7 kittens. 

Biscuit will be spayed prior to being adopted out. She must go to the right person. She has not had an easy life and needs a little tender loving care. She was not socialized other than knowing how to beg for food. She allows me to pet her and I think with the right amount of attention she will make a nice friend for somebody. 

She deserves the good life! 

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