Misfit Critter Farm 

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Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary was established early in 2012 shortly after I moved to Virginia from Louisiana. A lot has happened in few years. Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary is an incorporated 501c3 (nonprofit tax exempt) in the state of Virginia. Which means your donations are tax deductible! Please check to see if your employer offers matching contributions.

On the farm, you will see my 6 alpacas (Mike D, Adrock, MCA, Bugatti, Eazy E and Buster Brown), 2 horses (Abner and Ladyhawke), 5 dogs, a fluctuating population of cats and whatever oddities pop up. Many of the cats are up for adoption, some will be added to the adoption lineup shortly and some cannot be adopted out because they are special needs or because they are my personal assistants. No, Easter is not up for adoption. She is my keeper and manager.

At this time I am able to scrape by through donations, farm income and my job. Of course, anyone in rescue can tell you that to be in rescue will always mean to be rich in your heart and not so much in your pocket. I ask that everyone who would like to support this venture of mine donate your expertise, love for animals, ability to market, your friends who might be potential volunteers or adopters and your help in any way you see fit. Donation isn't all about money. A lot of it is when paying vet bills and such but I would also love to have some volunteers, fosters, used items for rescue/medical/bedding/etc, towels/blankets and an array of other seemingly useless and trivial things like boxes that you might otherwise just throw away. If you want to help or have a positive suggestion, please contact me anytime. 

The adoption process will be fairly painless but also very involved simply because I want to make sure these special critters all find the perfect and loving home. If you would like to adopt, please start with filling out an adoption application found on the contact page and contact me, Katie, either on the fb page or by email. From there, I will review your application, check references, do a home check and make arrangements to get your new friend to you. Please be patient during the process and understand that no matter what else, I am looking out for the critters' best interest. The adoption fe is $75 for one cat and $150 for two, unless otherwise stated. Understand this is not their "price" and is lughable to think of it as profit. Please check your local vet for their pricing on spay/neuter, felv/fiv combo testing, vaccines, booster shots, ear mite removal and prevention, flea/tick prevention, deworming, rabies shot, rabies 1 year booster, and the many other costs that I pay in order to have "the hard part" completely taken care of before adoption happens. On top of that, each cat is quarantined for a minimum of 3 weeks to allow their vaccines to go into effect and to rule out any dangerous viruses or diseases that would show up in that time period. Most cats that come to Misfit Critter Farm are dying when they get here. We are generally their last hope. Most of the money is used for vet care, medication and preventaive measures. A lot of these little guys come in needing immediate surgeries. I do not create fundraisers for each animal, just as many larger rescues d sanctuaues dont, 

I am so happy to have met such a wonderful group of people while dealing with Easter's many medical issues. I never would have thought such support was even out there. On the especially hard days when I feel like I don't have a friend in the world, will never be able to save all the animals, and have generally let myself down I like to reread your kind emails. It truly has done HUGE leaps and bounds for my faith in humanity. I hope that one day Misfit Critter Farm can be big enough to be able to support smaller rescues and community outreach programs. A girl can dream, right? 

Stay tuned for updates on the Critter Blog and other random, silly and just insane information.